Vehicle Lettering & Graphics

When you desire lettering and graphics for land, sea or airborne vehicles, Davis Signs & Graphics can provide you with clean designs for use on any truck or auto, piece of railroad equipment, marine vessel or aircraft to produce the lettering and graphics necessary to ensure that any move you make will be noticed whether you're on the job or cruising around.

We spend hours per year driving, which makes any vehicle a wonderful advertising opportunity!

We Can Customize Any Type of Vehicle with Letters & Graphics

Trucks & Autos

Truck and Auto Lettering

Lettering and graphics for trucks and autos can be placed directly on the body of the vehicle, trailer or auto glass. Vinyl lettering and graphic options come in innumerable colors and shades as well as grades of durability. Davis Signs & Graphics vinyl options include, but are not limited to, standard colors, reflective films, Chrome and Gold films and vehicle wrapping film options.

Railroad Lettering

Railroad Lettering

Whether its regulated company equipment or private varnish, lettering and graphic options for railroad equipment is a specialty of Davis Signs & Graphics.

Vinyl options include, but are not limited to standard colors, reflective films and vehicle wrapping films for heavy duty application. Stencil work and painting is also an available option for greater durability.

Marine Lettering

Boat and Marine Lettering

Individuals who own and operate a marine vessel must clearly display the vessel registration numbers, documented vessel name, and its documented port. In regards to marine lettering, there are also specific character and placement requirements that must be adhered to.

Whether your needs include the usual regulated requirements of a 3 inch I.D. number or the individualization of a personalized logo for the transom or stern area, Davis Signs & Graphics can help you achieve your marine lettering needs and desires!

Aircraft Lettering

Aircraft Lettering

Much like with marine lettering, whether your needs include regulation requirements for tail numbers or other individualized markings for your aircraft, Davis Signs & Graphics can make it happen!

Vinyl Magnetics

Individuals who do not wish to place vinyl lettering directly on an automobile body may choose to use magnetic signs to fulfill their advertising needs. Magnetics provide the ultimate in versatility - advertise when you need to, remove when you don’t! Note* Magnetic material is not recommended for new or newly painted vehicles or surfaces.

Some Examples of Our Lettering & Graphics